Protect all our children

IT is said that a society can be judged by the manner in which it provides for its most vulnerable, the very young and the aged.

The systemic institutional abuse of children across our nation remains a blot on our society.

The hopes of an unknown number of victims of abuse, their families and people whose organisations have been tarnished by horrible acts of betrayal will hang on the outcomes of an expected lengthy and far-reaching Royal Commission that has bipartisan political support.

Paedophilia, whether perpetrated within an organisation or a family, is abhorrent and every effort must be made to stamp it out.

Therefore, the Royal Commission, when appointed, must have sufficient scope to investigate a range of community groups and to give voice to victims.

It must look under every rock until every perpetrator is dealt with and so that honourable people can set about rebuilding the reputation of organisations diminished by this attack on innocent young people.

We owe our children this much.