Economic understanding needed

CITIZENS Electoral Council's candidate for Mallee, Chris Lahy says the large multi-national banks do not have the best interests of the community at heart.

Mr Lahy has been pre-selected by the CEC party and will contest the September 7 Federal Election for Mallee alongside eight other candidates.

He has run for the CEC before and became involved in the party a number of years ago.

The Lake Boga resident wants a change in how the banking sector is run and said it is impacting local businesses, particularly in agriculture.

"Voters need to understand what is happening in our economy," he said.

"Farmers are impacted by banks and that is directly relating to rural economy.

"I would despair if what is happening in Europe (debt crisis) eventually happened here, we're not immune from all of this."

Mr Lahy has been a dairy and rice farmer for most of his life after growing up along the Riverina in New South Wales, but moved to Lake Boga when drought hit his operation.

He is currently the primary carer of five young boys, with his wife returning to teaching.

Mr Lahy believes the CEC's water and desalination development projects are the only way to revitalise regional Australia and return hope to struggling farmers, small businesses and youth.

"There needs to be a complete financial structure of the banks," he said.

"Without a good financial system, all these projects will never get done."

Mr Lahy said the Murray-Darling Basin Plan has to be abolished for the sake of regional Australia.

"My opinion of the Murray- Darling Basin Plan is it is a complete farce," he said.

"The environment is important and has to be conserved, but they have gone about it in entirely the wrong way."

Mr Lahy said the CEC can offer a "real alternative" to the two major parties.

"The two majors (Liberal and Labor) have been having a good punch and fight to the bottom and everyone is just fed up with it," he said.

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