Debutantes, partners praised

SIX young women made their debut to society on Saturday night at the first of Kerang's Waterwonderland Debutante Balls.

The debutantes were presented to local police officers Antoinette Coobs and Taya McDonald during the Frozen-themed ceremony.

Friends and family watched on as the debutantes and their partners took to the dance floor to complete their three presentation dances - the Rock 'n' Roll Waltz, the Merrilyn and the Square Rumba.

They also danced the Nutbush at the conclusion of official proceedings and were joined by family for the Pride of Erin.

Chaperone, Emma Chasnais praised the presentation of the debutantes.

"Over the past few weeks I have had the privilege to be chaperone to these six beautiful girls," she said.

"Over this time I have seen all of these girls blossom into young women with more confidence than they started with; they have worked hard to be where they are tonight."

Marking her 26th year as ball organiser, Joyce Gee said the night was the culmination of 12 weeks of solid work.

"We've had tears, laughter and fun and the result tonight shows they deserve to be here," she said.

Master of ceremonies, Julie Smith praised the work of Mrs Gee and others in ensuring the night was a success.

"I'm sure you're all aware this doesn't just happen," she said.

"It is the result of many weeks of hard work and commitment by many people.

"They have created a night these young people will always remember.

"To the debutantes, their partners and the flower bearers, thankyou for your weeks of dedicated commitment."

Five young women will debut at the second Water Wonderland ball this Saturday. 

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