Game of Thrones creators drive fans wild with season 7 set photos

It's lucky looks don't kill. Because if they did, Game of Thrones would be about to snuff out the few characters who actually remain.

While the next season of HBO's smash-hit doesn't come out for another few months, the show's creators love to drive fans wild by drip-feeding them spoilers.

On Friday, the Game of Thrones overlords dropped the first comprehensive look at the highly-anticipated seventh season. Among the set pictures are snaps of Cersei Lannister looking positively evil atop the iron throne, while her solemn lover-brother Jaime Lannister stands beside her.

The set pictures also hint at what is speculated to be a major turning point for the series - the potential meeting between the 'mother of dragons' Daenerys Targaryen and northern heartthrob Jon Snow (who may or not be her nephew).

Daeny and her entourage are all seen lined up facing an important visitor. When combined with the fact paparazzi snapped Jon Snow and the mother of dragon's Dothraki warriors on the same set last year, it's becoming more and more clear that the alliance everyone's been wringing their hands for is finally set to become a reality.

But knowing Game of Thrones, the potential alliance that could sweep Cersei off the iron throne is bound to face some unexpected hurdles. (Realistically, even total annihilation at the hands of the white walkers.)

But for a show that is built on the back of endless blood and gore, Game of Thrones does know how to throw in some lighter moments.

One of the promotional stills shows wildling Thormund making eyes at the equally tall Brienne of Tarth. The possibility of these two characters shacking up has driven fans wild over the past season - and provided some much-needed comic relief among all the death and destruction occurring within Westeros.

Game of Thrones season seven airs on July 16.

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