Landfill expansion in 2026

A MAJOR expansion of Gannawarra Shire's only landfill site is likely to commence in 2026, according to a new plan released last week.

The Loddon Mallee Waste and Resource Recovery Group released its latest Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan on Friday.

The plan includes measures to address the region's waste and recycling needs over the next decade and beyond.

The plan projected landfill requirements for the next 30 years and found that an expansion of the Denyer Road landfill near Kerang would be required in 2026 when adjoining land currently being quarried became available. 

The expansion would increase the capacity of the existing site eight-fold. The landfill currently accepts 2500 tonnes of kerbside rubbish annually. 

The Denyer Road facility is one of only five landfill sites in the Loddon Mallee region - stretching from Mildura to Woodend - that accepts asbestos. 

Gannawarra also has transfer stations in Kerang, Cohuna, Lalbert and Quambatook, while there is a facility in Barham servicing Koondrook residents. 

Prior to 1999 there were landfill sites at Appin, Benjeroop, Cohuna, Kerang, Lake Charm, Lalbert, Leitchville, Macorna, Mystic Park, Quambatook and Tragowel. 

The Waste and Resource Recovery Implementation Plan focuses on seven priority areas: 

* Improving the operation and management of waste and resource recovery infrastructure;

* Engaging with the community and business about reducing, reusing and recycling materials to reduce waste generation;

* Improving data collection and its use to inform improved planning for waste and resource recovery services and infrastructure;

* Informing and encouraging the development of markets and technology for reuse and reprocessing of materials, to increase productivity, jobs and environmental benefits;

* Encouraging innovative and effective public and private initiatives, investments and partnerships in waste and resource recovery infrastructure;

* Supporting appropriate land use planning protection of waste and resource recovery facilities;

* Taking a risk based approach to the management of closed landfills.

The plan encourages the reduction of waste sent to landfill to prevent the need for new sites, and increasing the amount of material such as organic waste that is being recovered. 

A copy of the plan is available online.

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