Clubs to undertake social media training

CENTRAL Murray Football Netball League club administrators will undertake social media training in the wake of recent issues mediated between the league and the Kerang Football Netball Club.

The league and Blues management recently underwent mediation following issues raised by both parties resulting from an on-field incident in the second semi-final in September that left Kerang player, Bronson Booth with a broken jaw.

Woorinen player, Doug Palmer was suspended for four weeks as a result of the incident. 

An independent investigation called for both the Blues and league management to meet and raise their concerns, with a confidential heads of agreement signed by both organisations following discussions.

"The heads of agreement meeting, chaired by the AFL Central Murray commission chair Neville Brady, gave both us and the board a better understanding of the perceived lack of trust and confidence in each other's positions," Blues president, Rob Fisher said.

"The negotiated settlement was much preferred and didn't create the lingering animosity which usually eventuates from a tribunal hearing," league chairman, John Brookshaw said.

Both parties acknowledged that the league board showed respect for the competition's rules in ensuring all policies needed to be correctly followed if justice was to be achieved for all parties.

The league and Blues also agreed that comments made both on social media and through coverage of the issue caused a perceived lack of trust and confidence in each other's positions.

The organisations understand that Kerang's statements did not intend to bring the league board's integrity into question, and that the league board does not have any "executive authority" to ignore its rules.

"The formal mediation strategy has allowed both parties to walk away as winners, and from it the board will be running a training program so all club administrators better understand their social media responsibilities," Brookshaw said.

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