Heat alert issued

RESIDENTS are urged to drink plenty of water and spend as much time as possible in cool or air-conditioned buildings as the district experiences a run of 40-plus degree temperatures.

The district sweltered through its second 40-plus degree day of 2018 yesterday, with three more days of extreme heat predicted.

The Department of Health has issued a Heat Health Alert for today, with the temperature set to peak at 44 degrees following an overnight low of 21 degrees.

A Heat Health Alert is also in place for tomorrow and Sunday, thanks to a predicted overnight minimum of 21 degrees and a high of 41 degrees for tomorrow a forecast minimum of 21 degrees and a maximum of 40 degrees for Sunday.

The hot conditions can bring on heatstroke - a medical emergency which can result in permanent damage to vital organs, or even death, if not treated immediately.

Both heat exhaustion and heat stroke start with symptoms that range from muscle cramps, dizziness to nausea, vomiting and fainting.

Those most at risk of high temperatures are people over 65 years, the disabled, children under five years, pregnant and nursing mothers, people working in hot environments and unacclimatised tourists and new residents.

Meanwhile, the Country Fire Authority has also declared a Total Fire Ban for today, meaning it will be illegal to set an open fire or have one going.

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