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TIME OUT: Garry McCluskey, left, and long-term employee, Paul Toey check the engine of a customer's car.

TIME OUT: Garry McCluskey, left, and long-term employee, Paul Toey check the engine of a customer's car.

GARRY McCluskey readily admits that while he is looking forward to retirement, he will miss his valued customers.

Many district people have relied upon Mr McCluskey's mechanical skills over much of his 48 years in the trade.

"I genuinely will miss the people," he said.

"I have enjoyed a great relationship with many people along the way."

One of his loyal customers, Quambatook resident, Terry Nolan dropped in last week to express his gratitude for his expert service over 47 of those years.

Reliability and proficiency were traits that came to mind when Mr Nolan was considering accolades. 

Mr McCluskey's almost 50 years in the trade will conclude at the end of the month after the sale of his business.

Ironically, he started as a young mechanic at the same Wellington Street automotive garage and fuel station with the late Col Prior after leaving school.

After a year there, he joined Holden dealer Hall and Sons, where he completed his apprenticeship and worked for five years.

Nine and a half years followed at Ross Hall Motors, a Volvo and Mazda dealership, before opening his own business in January 1984.

During that time, he has employed a number of apprentices.

"I've had wonderful staff over the years and it's been a pleasure providing a service to people. Many people get very emotional about their cars and it's satisfying when they are happy with the service," he said.

"I have made many friends and met some amazing people during this journey." 

Electronic fuel injection services have been a speciality in addition to general mechanical servicing and repairs.

Mr McCluskey said that the changes in the automotive trade in the past half century have been "unbelievable".

"They're continually changing all the time and will continue to do so," he said.

"Mechanics are becoming technicians; in fact that's what they're called now."

Mr McCluskey said that mechanic Paul Toey had been a valued employee over the past 18 years.

"He's exceptional at what he does," he said.

Mr Toey has worked in the trade at Cohuna, Pyramid Hill, Romsey and Kerang over the past 38 years. He said that it was "always interesting" working on a variety of vehicles in the workshop.

He is opening his own mechanical repairs business, PDT Mechanical, at his Boort Road residence, just five kilometres from Kerang.

The Wellington Street outlet has been purchased by Medco Petroleum. Mr McCluskey said that the new owners will "bring a new and exciting dimension" to the business.

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