Demand for Corellas control

THE majority of municipal councils in Victoria have backed a call for controlling excessive Long-billed Corella populations.

Loddon Shire Council gained the support of more than three-quarters of the councils when it presented a motion to the Municipal Association of Victoria, the peak body for local government in Victoria, asking that it make a representation to the State Government about possible State-wide solutions - including lethal - to deal with damaging plagues of the birds. 

A Long-billed Corella.

A Long-billed Corella.

Shire chief executive officer, Phil Pinyon said that the population has gotten out of control and become an issue for many rural and regional councils. 

The motion was adopted recently by the MAV after it was debated among council representatives from both rural and metropolitan regions.

"Ultimately it was carried by 78 per cent of the participants," Mr Pinyon said.

The plan was developed after "all other options" were exhausted, Mr Pinyon said, although he did not specify what had already been done to discourage the birds.

"We've had major issues in parts of the shire, particularly around Bridgewater," he said.

"Not only do they cause damage to crops and man-made things like insulation on solar heaters and lawns, but if you drive through Bridgewater you'll notice that a lot of the river red gums along the banks are looking very unhappy because the Corellas strip the branches and new growth off them. They are in very poor condition and potentially could be lost," he said.

"In some locations, Corellas are present in overwhelming numbers and are essentially in plague proportions," he said.

Mr Pinyon did not specify if any monitoring of Corella numbers or damage had been undertaken before taking the motion to the MAV. 

"The support of relevant State Government agencies is sought in arriving at solutions to deal with this issue," he said.

According to Mr Pinyon other problems the Corellas have caused are noise disturbances and disease risk.

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