January: hot and dry

THE hottest January on record was also one of the driest.

A record maximum temperature of 47.6 degrees on January 25 was the highest temperature recorded in Victoria that day and the sixth highest in Australia.

The temperature topped 40 degrees on 10 days during the month and just 3.2 millimetres of rain was recorded.

The previous record January maximum was exceeded twice before the previous annual record was eclipsed.

The year opened with three days in the high 30s before 45.9 degrees was recorded, exceeding by .3 of a degree the previous record that has stood for 51 years.

That record was exceeded on January 17 when 46.0 degrees was recorded, one of four successive days of over 40.

Another four successive days over 40 later in the month included the new record maximum temperature.

The previous annual record maximum was 46.9 degrees on February 7, 2009.

The average maximum in January was 37.8 degrees, which was 6.2 degrees above the long-term average.

The average minimum was 18.7 degrees, which was 3.2 degrees higher than the long-term average.

Meagre amounts of rain fell on two days, 0.4 millimetres on the 6th and 2.8 millimetres on the 27th.

No rain was recorded in January on 12 occasions since 1882 and less rain than this year has fallen on 21 other occasions.

Rainfall records extend back to 1880.

KEEPING COOL. Cohuna swimming pool.

KEEPING COOL. Cohuna swimming pool.

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