13 seek Mallee seat

MALLEE voters will select from a record 13 candidates at next month's Federal election.

Twelve candidates contested the 2013 election when The Nationals' Andrew Broad was elected to succeed the retiring John Forrest.

Mr Broad easily won one of the safest conservative seats in Australia and was returned with a two-party preferred margin of 71.32 per cent in 2016 despite a 2.34 per cent reduction in his vote.

Mallee has been held by The Nationals and its predecessor parties since 1949.

The departure of Mr Broad enables its Coalition partner, the Liberals, to stand a candidate.

There are three independent candidates and a range of other parties nominated.

Listed below are the candidates for the electoral Division of Mallee in the order in which

they will appear on the ballot paper.

1. PETROVICH, Serge; Liberal

2. MOAR, Cecilia; Independent

3. MODICA, Jason Mark; Independent

4. GROSVENOR, Rick; Fraser Anning's Conservative National Party

5. WEBSTER, Anne; The Nationals

6. LAHY, Chris; Citizens Electoral Council

7. MOLLISON, Philip; Rise Up Australia Party

8. HART, Carole; Australian Labor Party

9. FIRMAN, Leigh; Science Party

10. KINGSTON, Ray; Independent

11. STRAUB, Dan; Shooters, Fishers and Farmers

12. MILLAR, Rick; United Australia Party

13. ROWAN, Nicole; The Greens

THE Nationals' incumbent, Damian Drum has topped the ballot paper order in the newly named electorate of Nicholls.

The seat immediately adjacent to Mallee was previously known as Murray, reflecting its geographic location, but has been jointly renamed in honour of the late Sir Douglas Ralph Nicholls MBE(C) OBE(C) KCVO and Lady Gladys Nicholls in recognition of their significant contribution in advocating for Aboriginal rights and welfare.

Mr Drum, a former State politician, won the 2016 election in Murray with a two-party preferred total of 55.13 per cent over his Liberal rival.

Eight candidates will seek election on May 18.

Candidates in ballot paper order:

1. DRUM, Damian; The Nationals

2. PARKER, Jeremy; Independent

3. BOCK, Andrew; Independent

4. HINE, Stewart John; United Australia Party

5. LODWICK, Bill; Australian Labor Party

6. FREEMAN, Nickee; The Greens

7. TYRRELL, Rikkie-Lee; Pauline Hanson's One Nation

8. HICKS, Nigel; Independent

LIBERAL incumbent Sussan Ley has gained the benefit of top position on the ballot paper in the New South Wales border electorate of Farrer, however, unrest over the Murray-Darling Basin Plan, which resulted in conservative incumbents being defeated in two neighbouring electorates at the recent New South Wales election is threatening to spill over to the federal arena.

Candidates in ballot paper order:

1. LEY, Sussan; Liberal

2. HAMILTON, Ross; Sustainable Australia

3. DRABSCH, Kieran; Labor

4. MACK, Kevin; Independent

5. LANGFIELD, Philip; Christian Democrats

6. ELLIS, Mark; Liberal Democrats

7. MILLS, Brian; Independent

8. ROSE, Michael; United Australia Party

9. MOSS, Dean; The Greens

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