Uncertainty about barley prices

UNCERTAINTY about barley prices is continuing however Victorian growers are in a better position than others around the country, according to GrainGrowers chairman Brett Hosking.

Mr Hosking said barley dropped roughly $50 a tonne as a result of China's introduction of an 80 per cent tariff in May and the market was still flat.

"What we're seeing is maybe a little bit of flatness in the market or just lack of enthusiasm to get out and actively price barley, which is something they would be normally doing at this time of the year," he said.

"But hopefully, when headers start rolling and they start to get a bit of that hunger of seeing the grain come in, that might change."

Mr Hosking said Victorian growers were fortunate there were a lot of domestic users of the crop to sell to as well as the stock feed industry.

"We're not as dependent on overseas markets as other states are, particularly Western Australia," he said.

"That being said, we will still see barley leaving our shores on the east coast so we will see that dampening of price unfortunately.

"The trade is actively out there trying to establish new relationships, new markets for barley, and hopefully some of them start to come off."