Fire on foreshore at Racecourse Lake

A 200 metre long and 20-30 metre wide section of foreshore at Racecourse Lake in Lake Charm burned on Tuesday evening, with the Kerang and Lake Charm Fire Brigades bringing the fire under control.

Although much of the damage was to a grassed area, which included spiny rushes, the fire climbed a couple of large willow trees, making it more difficult to extinguish.

However, two Kerang brigade tankers and one from Lake Charm ensured the fire was swiftly brought under control, with still weather conditions favourable for firefighters.

The Kerang quick fill unit was called in to assist in drawing water from the lake.

With the blaze occuring on Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning owned land, DELWP representatives were left in charge of the area once the fire was extinguished, having travelled there from Cohuna.

It is unclear how the fire started.