Performers light up the stage

THERE was a good crowd for The Sapphires stage show at the Quambatook Recreation Reserve on Thursday night.

The Melbourne-based company's eight cast members and seven crew have been on the road since March, visiting theatres and staging pop-up shows around the country, particularly in Aboriginal communities.

Nearing their 100th performance, the performers lit up the night with their big voices, bold dance moves and glamorous outfits.

The show, written and directed by Tony Briggs, was first performed in 2004 and became the basis of the popular, award-winning film eight years later.

It tells the funny, poignant story of four talented young Aboriginal sisters who travel to Vietnam to entertain the troops at the height of the Vietnam War, and in the process learn a lot about life, love and conflict.

The Quambatook show was initially planned to be staged indoors in June, but was rescheduled as an outdoor event.

With temperatures dropping after nightfall, those who came prepared for the cold weather were best placed to enjoy the humorous, feelgood event.