Residents should not leave border bubbles, Berejiklian says

NEW South Wales residents in border communities should not leave for another part of the state unless it's absolutely necessary, Premier Gladys Berejiklian says.

Residents outside border communities were also told to avoid travelling to those communities.

Ms Berejiklian, while praising the efforts of Service NSW and NSW Police to instigate the permit system for those living on the border, said mixing communities did "carry risk".

"My strong warning for people in New South Wales is do not travel to those border communities unless you absolutely have to," Ms Berejiklian said in a Wednesday morning press conference.

For those who live in border communities, she warned against travel to other parts of NSW: "Do not move outside your border community unless it's absolutely necessary."

As an example, Ms Berejiklian said someone from Wagga Wagga should not travel to Albury unless it was essential.

She urged NSW residents with "even the mildest of symptoms" to get tested for COVID-19.

The importance of continuing to follow social distancing and hygiene practices was also strongly emphasised.

"We will continue to evaluate the high risk on an hourly basis and, if we have to make decisions accordingly as a government, we will," Ms Berejiklian said.